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Other resources for SWD management.
Link to website dedicated to provide comparative genomics resources to facilitate research projects on Drosophila suzukii.
Website allows input of gene sequences, searches for specific genes of interest, and provides tools for genetic analysis of the Drosophila...
Summary of SCRI-funded research results from year 3 of the project. It was developed from updated reports and presentations at the 11/2012 SWD Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting.
List of researchers awarded funding by the SCRI SWD project; table organized by State and Institution
Oregon Research Personnel   Name   Organization   Linda Brewer Program...
Degree-day accumulation for selected western locations and comparison to previous seasons (updated daily)
Two-page document discusses integrated management of SWD and brown marmorated stinkbug pests in the Pacific Northwest
Slides and images of Spotted Wing Drosophila courtesy of WSU Whatcom County Extension
Pest Notes Publication 74158 released by UC ANR Statewide IPM Program with information on SWD identification, damage, and management options.
Yearly research report documenting progress of SWD IPM project
Year 4: Biology and Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila on Small and Stone Fruits 2014. A summary of SCRI-funded research results from...
Line drawing shows key differences between Drosophila suzukii and Rhagoletis sp.