External Links for SWD

Page provides links to an archive of "Small Fruit Update" online berry grower newsletters.

Click on the "Current Issue" link to read the latest issue of Small Fruit Update.

WSU Extension website featuring spotted wing drosophila monitoring results and other information specific to Washington fruit growers
Page gives description of SWD, as well as management information for the home gardener

UC IPM Online Statewide Integrated Pest Management Guidelines

Research center site hosts SWD degree-day pest and crop models; provides outreach on state, national, and international levels
NW Berry & Grape Information Network is a comprehensive online resource for berry and grape production practices, research, and marketing.
Home site for OSU MCAREC. Site provides overview of active research projects and personnel.
The OSU Extension and Experiment Station Communications site connects the public to new knowledge gained by agricultural research findings
Pest management information and small fruit industry news from the Pacific Northwest can be found on this site.
Crop consulting organization in Oregon and Washington providing key monitoring assistance to the spotted wing drosophila project
Oregon Department of Agriculture Insect Pest Prevention and Management site has links to SWD and other insect pests of Oregon agriculture
Washington State University Extension website has information on general IPM practices, as well as a feature on SWD.
Home page for Washington State University Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center
Provides links to Washington statewide monitoring program and to other main SWD informational sites
Washington State University Chelan - Douglas County Extension website
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website provides background, distribution, management recommendations for SWD
NC Small Fruit & Specialty Crop IPM blog for spotted wing drosophila
Scientific blog hosted by UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, features many topics on spotted wing drosophila
Site provides information for a list of exotic pests and diseases in California, including SWD.

Links to information on exotic and invasive pest species in California, including spotted wing...

Comprehensive site hosted by the BC Ministry of Agriculture includes biology, distribution, management, and other information about SWD.
Site describes European distribution of SWD and the risks it may have on European fruit crops
Explains importance of pollinators to Pacific Northwest agriculture; causes, signs, symptoms of bee poisoning; how to minimize bee poisoning
SWD weather-based phenological model developed by OSU IPPC to help predict fly activity.

Click link to bring up a map and choose a weather station in your area of interest to see the...

Online handbook to help growers make integrated pest management decisions in the Pacific Northwest.

Click here and navigate through the online...

Peerbolt, Inc. SWD website with links to monitoring trap counts and SWD pest management materials

SWD Data Collection and Reports for Oregon and Washington

Service provided by Berry-Grape Network, depicts relative abundance of SWD based on crop type and counts from monitoring traps in Oregon
Visual insect and damage identification guide released by Washington State University
Link to dichotomous key produced by Oregon Department of Agriculture to identify Drosophila suzukii, spotted wing drosophila
Line drawing shows key differences between Drosophila suzukii and Rhagoletis sp.
Real time mapping of Spotted Wing Drosophila in Washington State.
Slides and images of Spotted Wing Drosophila courtesy of WSU Whatcom County Extension
Degree-day accumulation for selected western locations and comparison to previous seasons (updated daily)
Link to website dedicated to provide comparative genomics resources to facilitate research projects on Drosophila suzukii.

Website allows input of gene sequences, searches for specific genes of interest, and provides...

A reliable, quick, inexpensive, and clean method to assess fruit infestation by insects before...

Other resources for SWD management.