Spotted Wing Drosophila

Disseminating the most current scientific knowledge of Spotted Wing Drosophila fruit fly biology, management, and effects on Pacific Northwest berry crops.

About Spotted Wing Drosophila and the SCRI SWD Project

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii, is an insect pest of economically valuable small fruit and tree fruit crops. Known in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest since about 2009, this species now appears to be established in many fruit growing regions around the country. Growers and researchers are working together to implement effective pest control strategies.

This USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture - Specialty Crop Research Initiative funded project represents a coordinated, comprehensive, region-wide investigation into the biology and management of Spotted Wing Drosophila on small and stone fruit for industry and non-commercial producers in Oregon, Washington, and California.

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